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My name is Nathaniel Lee and this is my online portfolio where you can learn more about my experiences.

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About Me

I'm an incoming 4th-year Computer Science student at UC Santa Cruz and a Software Engineer Intern at Samsung. My intended graduation date is in June of 2022 and I'm looking for full-time roles as a Software Developer!


My academic history

  • 2020 - Present

    University of California, Santa Cruz

    B.S. in Computer Science
    GPA: 3.71

    Relevant Coursework: Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Analysis of Algorithms, Computational Models, Probability and Statistics, Principles of Computer Systems Design, Computer Security

  • 2019 - 2020

    Diablo Valley College

    B.S. in Computer Science
    GPA: 3.72

    Relevant Coursework: Calculus for Engineers III, Advanced Programming in C and C++, Discrete Mathematics, Physics for Engineers II, Object-Oriented Programming in C++, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Assembly Language Programming, Program Design and Data Structures

  • 2018 - 2019

    Arizona State University

    B.S. in Computer Science
    GPA: 3.76

    Relevant Coursework: Principles of Programming, Calculus for Engineers I, Physics for Engineers I, Object-Oriented Programming in Java and Data Structures, Calculus for Engineers II


What I've done in Software Development

  • Software Engineer Intern @ Samsung Electronics

    Aug 2021 - Present

    - Developed computational algorithms relevant to Samsung Galaxy Phones’ GPUs with C, C++ programming and tools like OGL.
    - Maintained the software development cycle of design, building, testing, and deployment.

  • Software Engineer Intern @ Bright Health

    June 2021 - Aug 2021

    - Contributed to the Data Platform team's agile development through attending daily standup, work sessions, grooming, story review/pointing, sprint demo, and retrospective meetings.
    - Developed ETL (extract, transform, and load) program that read, ingested, normalized, and enriched ADT (Admission, discharge, transfer) datasets to verify coverage under Bright Health Insurance.
    - Coded JUnit tests in Scala to ensure valid data quality and error prevention.
    - Constructed YAML Pipeline that would use Maven to build Scala projects, run the unit tests, and deploy its JAR to Databricks for CI/CD purposes.

  • Python Instructor @ AYC Logic

    Oct 2020 - Present

    - AYC Logic is an online coding school that provides students the opportunity of learning advanced Python Object Oriented Programming and game development in Python using tools like Pygame and Pycharm.



A social platform where users can review and share movies. This is a single page application that was created through the React library and router. Several other APIs were utilized such as Google's Login, Firebase Database and Storage, and a Movie Database.

Weather Tracker

This application utilizes python and Django to read JSON files from the OpenWeather API and display real-time weather forecasts.

Stock Predictor

This program uses Machine Learning to enable a TensorFlow model that predicts a given stock's future price per share. This neural network is trained by back-propagating a given stock's trend from the last 60 days through the Yahoo Finance API. The accuracy of the prediction is displayed using Pandas and Pyplot.


You're on it right now! Created with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and the React library, this application enables a more interactive way of learning about my experiences.

Skills and Certifications











Software Tools

Azure Storage, Azure DevOps

.Net Platform

Apache Spark

Git, GitHub








LinkedIn Certification

Certificate: Agile Software Development: Scrum for Developers

Issued July 2021

Credential ID: AYNo0X0vMGrkc_INrHGarABXbzNt

JPMorgan Chase & Co Certification

Certificate: Software Engineering Virtual Experience

Issued July 2021

Credential ID: XDYaaCn4BqMCQWSdW

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